Seminole Canyon

It’s been a while, but here’s a new one, still-in-process of becoming an artist book — notes from my journey around the United States after calling it quits with teaching art in the California prison system. ¬†This segment of the trip starts in southwest Texas during the freeze of an ice storm and ends up… Continue reading Seminole Canyon

Rock Art in Dry Fork Canyon

Since our itinerary brought us within a reasonable distance of Dinosaur National Monument, Oola thought we should see some dinosaur fossils. That sounded good to me so we stopped in the town of Vernal, UT ready for an adventure the next day. There my eye happened on a brochure about some petroglyphs in the area.… Continue reading Rock Art in Dry Fork Canyon

While driving Hwy 101

You haven’t heard from me because I’m busy turning graphic designers, artists, small business owners, and other assorted students into users of Cascading Style Sheets on the Web.¬† ‘Nuff said. Shortly before Spring break, the Wild Card/Mysterious One, Oola, and I decided we needed a break. Oola and I dropped the Mysterious One off in… Continue reading While driving Hwy 101