“Bookworks 2014” at the SFPL

Yesterday Oola and I took BART to San Francisco to help install a show of handmade books from the Pacific Center for the Book Arts right there in Civic Center, in the Public Library.  There was plenty of unpacking, lip smacking, list checking, and a little bit of worry that there wouldn’t be enough room for all 120 pieces.

I pulled a lot of guard duty, and Oola had the heavy responsibility  of the bathroom key for a while.  But….

There was plenty of sharing and caring,

Judy shows Momo her exquisite book of Kadish.
Judy shows momo her exquisite case and book of Kaddish.

and a few situational encounters.

How many book people does it take to level a table?
How many book-people does it take to level a table?

There were book installations big and small.

Just when we feared that there really wasn’t enough display space for all the work, Andrea – the Library’s guardian angel – produced more cabinets and tables.

Library cabinets
Cabinets saved from the old library, and they are magnificent!

When Oola and I finally limped home there was still more work to do on the show.  But all will be ready for the grand reception/opening this Saturday.  Come by and enjoy! This won’t happen again until 2017!

The show will be open until Sept. 6.

Bookworks 2014

Reception: June 21, 2 – 4PM

San Francisco Public Library
Skylight Gallery, Sixth Floor
100 Larkin St. (at Grove)


Google map

Civic Center BART, take the station exit farthest west.  You will find yourself across the street from one of the entries to the Library.


Wimmen’s Comix

Oola at the Wimmen's Comix Opening
Oola at the Wimmen’s Comix Opening

Once again Oola dons her special reception gown.  We are going to San Francisco on BART to the opening reception for the 40th Anniversary of  Wimmen’s Comix show in the San Francisco Library.  The Library is easy to find, just at the top of the Civic Center Bart station stairs.

There was a mix up in reception times, but we wandered around the displays on the 4th floor and had some good,  healthifying chortles and guffaws.

Wimmen's Comix, # 17
Wimmen’s Comix, # 17 Caryn Leschen  Oola remembers a cousin who looked something like this.  Big family.

Back in the day, underground comic books seemed pretty much a guy thing to me.  Though I did learn something about a job well done from Mr. Natural; and Fat Freddy’s Cat had shortcuts with which I could identify when confronted with life’s persistent problems.

Lee Marrs and Sharon Rudah
Lee Marrs and Sharon Rudahl, two of the “founding Mommies” of Wimmen’s Comix

But there was a group of uppity women cartoonists in San Francisco who thought their work should be seen too; and maybe they should make some $$$ for their work; and they did something about it.  From 1972 to 1992 they published Wimmen’s Comix and put the woman’s voice into the public eyeball.  They were telling funny stories about stuff I was interested in.  Imagine that!

Art should speak for itself.  Taking decent picts of the work (art) was a problem, what with the glass and all.  But here are some fragments of the pages that made me lol.  The first is a one page story of the first pair of glasses which become big as umbrellas.

Lee Binswanger, The Glasses from Hell

Ah, yes.  The adventures in the Gynocologist’s office….

Nancy Husari, Gyno Cops

And like Lee says, “Four pages in glorious black and white”.  Stories of real life.

Lee Marrs
Lee Marrs

On this post there is no way to do visual justice to the work.  Get yourself over to the SF Main Library, Fourth Floor. You won’t be sorry.

100 Larkin St.
San Francisco, 94102
(415) 557-4400

The show will be up until February 7, 2013.