Northern HWY 101

There is city park in Port Angeles where HWY 101 (under the guise of Front St.) runs by Wildcard Guitars and Dove Studio.  Each evening for the past couple of weeks I have been checking in on Mother Killdeer — much to her consternation I must admit — just to see how she and her… Continue reading Northern HWY 101

Webster’s Woods at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

On the slope rising from the Straits of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Mountains there is a circular home called the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center.  I use the word “home” advisedly because it is the place where once lived Esther and Charles Webster.  Now, thanks to Esther, it is the home for much… Continue reading Webster’s Woods at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Paul Farinacci, artist of social commentary

It has been a while since Oola and I traveled on any “plane”.  That foolishness dealt with, I would like you to meet — if you haven’t already — one of my fellow travelers at Blue Mountain Center. Paul Farinacci is an artist with whom I spent a few whiles in pleasant discussion of the… Continue reading Paul Farinacci, artist of social commentary

Trip to Another Place

This post is not a road trip, per se, but it did start in Mom’s Memorial Prius.  It was rent day, and I had to go to the landLord’s building in the next city. You can guess that this is not our favorite place.  But Oola and I dutifully climbed the stairs. When we got… Continue reading Trip to Another Place