Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here, runtime: 46 seconds

“Wish You Were Here” is part of a collaborative project by book artists from across the U.S.

Participants included in my particular group were:

Lorraine Crowder from Sunnyvale CA
Vicky DeLong from San Diego, CA
Lou Ann De Nallo from Jamison, PA
Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus from Encinitas, CA
Vicki Donkersley from Marana, AZ
Susan Marsh from Salem, MA
Carole Dwinell from Briones, CA
Mavis Murphy from Santa FE, NM
Andrea Factor from San Diego, CA
Selene Fisher from South Oak Bay, WA
Jane Freeman from Crozet, VA
Becky Frehse from Tacoma, WA
Rebecca Ganz from Tucson, AZ
Josette Lee from Rhinebeck, NY
Maria Dolores Bolivar from La Jolla, CA
Jan Dove from Port Angeles, WA

Each of us created a postcard and sent it to all others in the group so that each of us accumulated 16 cards with which to create a book. My replica of a USPS drop box is my artist book “binding” for my collection of cards (plus four more from some artist book friends in Tacoma.) The box is made of binder’s board and cloth. Bamboo skewers act as hinges and large washers act as a weight to keep the swinging door swinging.

My postcard, front and back
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